The Literary Blogger - Meg Moore

Megan Moore, 18, UK Based Book Blogger

About Me

My name is Megan Moore, I am 18 and currently studying English Literature, Media Studies and Government & Politics at A-Level with the ambition of studying Drama and English Literature (Combined Honours) at University.  I review a wide range of literary works on my Tumblr blog, WordPress and my website.

I started my Tumblr blog after a lot of deliberation, and was finally inspired to make the jump when I found myself following book bloggers on other social media platforms and chose to set a blog up for myself. I was already reading the books and so content wouldn’t be a problem. During the first two weeks of setting up the blog and finding my feet I had 10 followers and wasn’t expecting to gain many more, however literally overnight I went from 10 to 150, the day after I shot to 340 and since then my blog has been going from strength to strenght. I currently have 30k and am absolutely amazed by the sheer mass of followers I have gained as well as the positive responses that I recieve from my followers on a daily basis. I am frequently contacted by other new bloggers seeking advice on how to grow their audience base, I have had authors approach me and ask me to read their books and review them on my blog and have recently been accepted by the online agency ‘Bookbridgr’ to select and review books for a number of publishers and authors.

In starting my blog I was very apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how people would respond to my content or if anyone would follow me, it was the issue of having confidence in my own ability that prevented me from starting up my blog sooner. However, the confidence boost gained from taking that first step is amazing. I’m now inundated with positive feedback, people responding to my content with praise and the ability to connect with so may different types of people from all over the world on a singular platform.

The idea for starting up this website came when I reached 5,000 followers and my parents bought me the rights to my own domain Even though Tumblr was to be my main platform I decided that it would be a good idea to have a professional website that incorporated my Tumblr blog as well as more information to my audience about me as an individual as well as a more direct means of communication in relation to features.

If you’d like to visit my other platforms I will provide the links below: