this novel is an absolute classic. I was lucky enough to study this book in GCSE English Literature and is probably the book that kick started my love and interest in Literature.

The narrative follows a young girl called Scout who lives in the Deep South of America during the 1930’s and who’s father – Atticus – is a lawyer. Atticus finds himself representing a black man in court against allegations made by a white woman of rape, due to society at the time Scouts family face a number of racially fuelled challenges. Due to the novel being written from the perspective of Scout, it represents significant events through the eyes of a child, and so you often find yourself reading between the lines in order to decode information that Scout encounters but does not pick up on. However, due to her age Scout does not engage or pick up on these themes that arise due to her youth and naevity – themes such as Racism, Rape and Gender Roles.

The teacher that taught me how to fall in love with this novel was Susan Knowles, her love and passion for literature and this novel in particular directly imprinted onto me. The depth in which she explored this text with our class was outstanding and she made me realise the power of words and nourished my love for literature. this book was not only one that i enjoyed reading, but one of the few books that I have re-read.

The novels depth into social issues of the time brings to light the injustice that African Americans faced during years of prejudice and discrimination within American society, as well as the injustice of the legal system against these individuals. To Kill a Mockingbird is an incredibly relevant novel to the happenings in the world of today, with the increased media coverage on police brutality against the Black community in America and the lack of justice within the ironically named ‘justice system’ of today. ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ tackles political and social issues present in the 1930’s, yet still has a lot of relevance today.

An absolute classic and heart wrenching novel that is an utter essential read for all those who love literature.